Working towards strong, supported and flourishing languages.

We work with and support First Nation's Language Groups to document, promote and develop physical/digital language learning resources.

Our head office is based at the WCC Study Centre on Wiradjuri country and we work remotely with language groups. 

We believe language resources should be free for community members/groups and will always work to ensure this continues.

WCC LP does not own any master recordings or copyright of the Language resources we create. They belong to the traditional owners or relative copyright creators.

We are not the deciding or authoritative body for any of the language groups that we work with. All decisions for resources, projects and initiatives come directly from Elders, knowledge holders and key community members.

We are supported by the Australia Government’s Indigenous Language and Arts program. 

We are currently funded to work with the Wiradjuri (D10), Wemba Wemba/Wamba Wamba (D1), Yorta Yorta (D2) and Nari Nari (D9) language groups. Capacity to work with other language groups will be dependant on current workloads and requirements.

Digital Resources


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WiradjuriYorta Yorta, Nari Nari or Wamba Wamba dictionaries. 


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WCC LP Phones Mockup Yorta Yorta Dictionary 2.0 2023

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Physical Resources

More resources can be found within our individual language pages.

To discover more of the vast and amazing work being undertaken by Language Centres around Australia please visit the Indigenous Languages and Arts program site

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Common Questions

We are able to help develop a large variety of both digital and physical resources including dictionary apps, flash cards, learning games (digital/physical), online learning platforms, toolkits and much more. Let us know your language idea or goals and we’ll work out a way to make them happen.

The Traditional Language owners will always own and retain all language content.

No. Plain and simple. We work and collaborate with our funding language groups who wish to take advantage of our abilities, technology and outcomes. If at anytime you wish to remove any digital content or cease work on an initiative we will do so following a written request. 


Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation (WCC) is based on Wiradjuri country in Condobolin. Our language program deals with multiple language groups. Each of these language groups are independently controlled and guided by the traditional language owners.  WCC helps facilitate language group goals and initiatives; and actively removes itself from decision making regarding our language groups.

We can help point you in the right direction.  But firstly we’d suggest you consider the following regarding the language your are enquiring about.

Using the Wiradjuri Language as an example:

  • Is the project or business Wiradjuri owned?
  • Is the business located on Wiradjuri Country?
  • Why do you wish to use language in your business or project?
  • Using Language in the name of a business or product that has no connection to culture or language could be a misrepresentation to community members regarding your project/business.
  • Have you contacted the local community in your area and spoken to Elders regarding this usage/project etc.?
  • Have you asked local Elders for a translation regarding the project/usage?

If local Elders aren’t able to provide a translation or would like to have the content checked for correctness – we can assist please see below.

Yes, via our language groups. But depending on the scenario and circumstances this may be a service you will need to pay for. Cultural and Language knowledge is something we believe very strongly that people should be paid for to consult in. Please also refer to the question and answer above. 

Currently we are not offering our resources for sale to the wider community. We make each resource bespoke for the specific Language group and disperse to community members for free. We believe that charging community language learners for resources creates another barrier to entry that could have large consequences for any Language.

Via our funding we are currently able to work with the following language groups: Wiradjuri (D10), Wemba Wemba/Wamba Wamba (D1), Yorta Yorta (D2) and Nari Nari (D9). We are able to assist other Language groups outside of this list depending on content, funding and our current capacity. 

The Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation Language Program is funded through an agreement with the Australian Government represented by The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. This funding agreement is under the Indigenous Languages and Arts (languages) stream.

The traditional language owners make decisions within the program. We (WCC & WCC LP) do not make any decisions in regards to Language outcomes, contents or projects. Decisions are made through language reference groups consisting of elders, community members etc.

Australian Government ILA funds WCC Language Program (WCC LP). WCC LP maintains a website documenting activities current/previous (you’re on it now!). Each Language Group/representative advises WCC LP on the activities to be completed and areas of focus for their specific group. This involves ongoing review and consultation regarding projects. Language groups are further supported via Community Language Teams, Languages Workers and Linguists where applicable.

Management is handled via WCC activity monitoring team which meets at least twice per year (these days via Zoom, thanks COVID!). Language groups and WCC LP meet as required and where possible. Funding body oversees WCC LP activity via ongoing reporting and communication. 

Contact Us

Get in touch. Please refer to the common questions above prior to reaching out.