The worlds first Indigenous app of it's kind.


Explore and learn Indigenous Languages using your face

Every day you look in the mirror and see your face.... With the touch of a finger, Yalbilinya can teach you the Indigenous word for each of the features on your face.

Yalbilinya is a Wiradjuri word meaning “learn, speak when bidden” and is the world’s first interactive Indigenous language app of its kind! 

Every day you look in the mirror and see your face.  With the touch of a finger, Yalbilinya can teach you the Indigenous word for each of the features on your face. 

Combining sight, sound and touch elements, Yalbilinya makes language learning a fun, interactive and immersive experience, allowing you to explore Indigenous languages in a unique and engaging way. 

In version 1.0 of Yalbilinya, users can hear and explorea the beauty of both Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta languages* while engaging and learning features of the face. 

Using Yalbilinya is easy:

– Open the app: Launch Yalbilinya on your device
– Select a language: Choose the Indigenous language you want to explore

– Position your device: Hold your device so that you can see your own face on the screen

Tap a part of your face: Physically interact with the app by tapping on various facial features displayed on the screen

– Hear, listen and learn: With each tap, you’ll hear the pronunciation of that feature’s name in the selected Indigenous language

Yalbilinya Key Features: 
• Learn and Listen: Simply tap on different parts of your face on the screen to hear their names in indigenous languages
• Explore hair, eyes, eyebrows, ears, mouth, and chin on both the right and left sides
• Easily switch between Indigenous languages
• Game mode: Test your knowledge and challenge yourself with our interactive game mode 
• Accurate pronunciations and clear, concise recordings
• Ideal for all ages and learning levels
• Privacy assured: Rest easy knowing that no face tracking images or data are stored from using this app
• Future expansion: Stay tuned for more languages and content updates

Yalbilinya is a free resource made possible by the WCC Language Program, funded by the Australian Government’s Indigenous Language and The Arts program. While the initial release incorporates two languages, WCC LP is excited to collaborate with more language groups across the country to expand the app’s language offerings. 

Yalbilinya: a fun and interactive journey of language discovery – is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

* Wiradjuri language content recorded by Marion Wighton-Packham. Based on the work of Dr Stan Grant AM and Dr John Rudder. 
Yorta Yorta language content recorded by Roxanne Atkinson. Based on the work – Lotjpa Yapaneyepuk (speak together) compiled by R Atkinson. 

How can I get my language in Yalbilinya?

We’re enthusiastic about collaborating with both individuals and groups who wish to see their language included in upcoming Yalbilinya updates.

To include a language in Yalbilinya, we require written approval from a culturally appropriate representative of your group, such as an Elder, Trust member, or ILC (Indigenous Language Centre).

Language content is required to be in spreadsheet/CSV and WAV/mp3 format. CSV to be organised with seperate columns for language, English, definition/translation and relative audio file.

If you represent a language group or a language centre and are interested in having your documented language featured in future versions of Gurray, please get in touch with us at [email protected].